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22-26 Nozzle stations meeting customer’ demands every day of the year

At Northwest Petroleum we believe in more.

Because more is what defines us. More is what sets us apart. Here more means we are delivering.


It means that we are doing what we do with heart and care. For our people and our environment. It means that we are striving for new, better ways. To bring more than just energy to Nigeria. More means we are part of something bigger. Part of growing our country. And changing the future for the next generation. At Northwest Petroleum more means that. What we do every day makes a difference. Which is why we use every day to deliver.

Brand Personality

Our brand personality is a set of human characteristics that are attributed to a brand name. It is something to which our consumer can relate; an effective brand increases its brand equity by having a consistent set of traits that our specific consumer segment enjoys.
  1. Efficient and technically competent.
  2. Professional and socially responsible.
  3. Integrous and transparent.
  4. Honourable, trustworthy and reliable.
  5. Relentless and flawlessly successful.

Our Brand Values





  • Integrity: The highest level of honesty in everything we do. How we do what we do is of the utmost importance to us. We never take shortcuts and respectfully adhere to industry regulations, governmental policies and always act with our country’s social, economic and environmental best in mind. We transparently practice sound ethics and apply the highest standards to everything we engage in.
  • Consistency: We are committed to our people and our offering. We deliver on our promises every time. We are unwavering and true to our commitments, forever dedicated to our product and our people. We treat every day as a day to deliver.
  • Quality: We provide an excellent service at the right price. We deliver more than just good value. We exceed expectations to provide Nigerians with a product that is more than they have come to expect. We believe that quality is what sets us apart and is something we will never compromise on.
  • Reliability: Always here, always delivering. We are Nigeria’s only reliable, sufficient supplier of petroleum products at government regulated prices. We are the brand Nigerians have come to trust, believe in and we will never let our people down.

Our Brand Purpose

To benefit the lives of our customers by creating convenience, good value and a reliable, consistent, positive experience at our forecourts. To ensure that we deliver a quality product and service experience to all customers at every touchpoint.    
  • To empower people in our organisation to achieve more and more in their working environment, and in so doing, uplift their lives and their families to a better place. To improve and uplift the communities we touch and in so doing, contribute to the overall upliftment and development of our country, Nigeria.
  • To encourage and support a safe, secure and resilient infrastructure where the Nigerian petroleum industry can thrive. Everything we do and everything we stand for, leads the national effort to protect and enhance the resilience of the nation’s petroleum industry.